BON JOURNO me aminos (er! Amigos! Uh mean!)  I love motion pictures.. always have, always will!!
​I love the history of it all just as much, if not more however.  I can remember as a kid going to the theater and being fascinated with the
opening fanfare (especially THIS one ;) alone!  After years movie going ... it is still the part I look forward to most in any film I go to seeCall it odd- but I knew the company that produced the picture sometimes before I knew what the film is about.  My dad used to take me to movies all the time from 2-3 yrs old.  I slept mostly (so I have been told).  But I remember the first film I stayed awake the entire time... E.T.!  I've been hooked since.  1st grade was my Chaplin craze & Universal craze phase - onto 2nd, a Warner Bros. craze phase.  3rd a lil of ALL mix craze phase..  4th, Columbia Pix - 5th MGM craze phase...  6th - Paramount - aaand 7th-  ON was back on Warner Bros. & Chaplin!

The idea that a camera can take a face and put it on a screen for the world to see, in thousands of theaters, around the world, being watched by millions is amazing to me.  Not to mention (totally unrelated).. the XEROX MACHINE!!  I loved them!!  Age 10..  The folks I write about in the pages of this website, still today, have a piece of them in each and every film
that is made.  I have well known about most of them, (namely the founding fathers of Hollywood), for a long time.  I cannot remember a school report I ever did where I did not pick one of them to write about.  It's not just me putting words down here...it's a passion and  hobby.  This website is made with a 'Scott Michaels' (findadeath.com) methodology.. in that links in the stories lead to photos that help tell the story.  I do NOT put references in my stories mainly due to alot of what I write is in my head, or helped by friends of the site, or family of the legend I am writing about.  I started my research as a 7 year old after seeing ET.  So you see why it makes it hard to reference where I learned this and that.  I do my best, however, to confirm ANYTHING I write in these pages.  While reading just about any story here, you are sure to encounter my sarcastic comments.  Rather than being pissed, just laugh.  I had wanted to do a site like this for so long but didn't quite know how to go about it until a site I happened upon called findadeath.com. I became aquainted with Scott, the grand marshall of the site, and he helped me in getting the ball rolling on this site.

Thanks again for coming!! The site will continue to grow with more stories, more legends!  So be sure to  

I popped out on a cold winters day on October 25th. (It was in fact 23 degrees that day in Chattanooga, and hasn't been that nipply since.  Even as I was born, records  were being broke). I have a massive fascination with cameras. I own my fair share, but usually use only one (the rest are backup.) I really dig vintage cams so if you got one for sale...give me a shoot!!  My uncle (in the middle), got me into old films as a kid!  I never MISSED an opportune to look growned up (age 7 & holding a beeer! YESSS!)  Coffee??  YESS!  ALL day long fosho!   I have an original DR7 Sony cam used for static shots in the 78 film JAWS and it stands as my favorite, and most expensive. I have had my 15 minutes of fame (thankeweverymuch Andy Koffman...it's a quote people!)...and I plan on garnishing more in my lifetime. Life is a movie - so live it up!! I work in production, drive a Nissan Sentra...and would have no other car on earth!! Can not say LOVE IT enough!! Do you have a myspace?? SO DO I! Do you you tube?? SO DO I(click that used-to-be-orange-but-they-changed-it-to-yellow-subscribe button, should you go to my you tube channel.) Personal website, is here. So that is me in a nutshell!! Thanks for taking the time to crack the shell, and letting me tell you about me...whatever that means!! PEACE!! Toe 2 the Knee .... OUT!

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