Albert Warner (or Abe as he was affectionately referred to by fam and friends) ...was born July 23, 1884, in Poland.  He immigrated here with his mother, sister Ana, and brother Harry.  From the start, it was clear Albert had a mind for business.  He could crunch very large numbers from an early age.  Albert could well be called the shy, or silent one of the brothers.  Always as gentle natured as Harry, In 1905, gentle but a giant when need be.  Albert hit the ground running with his brothers to form Warner Brothers Pictures. He was the trustee of Warner.  He would also attend functions in the name of/or representing Warner.  Such a function happened in November of 1947.  

On November 25, 1947, Albert Warner and other executives in the motion picture industry issued the Waldorf Statement, first promulgating the Hollywood Blacklist. Around this time, Albert also bought a beach home in Miami Beach, Florida, (it recently sold for a cool 12 mil..the yacht pictured not last year, was formerly owned by a Miami music producer.) where he lived for the remaining years of his life.  By 1956, the studio was losing money and Albert wanted to retire and live full time in his Miami Beach house (from the front.) (according to the realator, no pictures of the inside without appointment and deposit!! Pfft!)

In May 1956, the brothers announced they were putting Warner Bros. on the market. Jack, however, had other plans.  After the three brothers sold their stock, in an under-the-table deal with Sememenko, Jack joined Semenenko's syndicate and bought back all his stock, which consisted of 200,000 shares.  By the time Harry and Albert learned of their brother's dealings, it was too late.

Albert read about Jack's dealings while spending time in New York City. He never spoke to Jack again, but he did later rejoin the company's board of directors (accidentally on purpose) amid coaxing from stockholders to quote.. "keep Jack from stealing the stockholders blind."

Albert enjoyed retirement afternoons on the stoop of this then coffee shop... Abe died in 1967 in Miami Beach, Florida. A funeral service was held in the Los Angeles area. Warner was then interred in Brooklyn, next to his first wife Bessie Krieger. After Albert's second wife Bessie Warner died in 1970 she was interred with him as well in Brooklyn.

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